Who's Godcarleon???

Godcarleon, Entertainer and Public Figure from Southwest Louisiana, has long had a passion for Entertainment. Being raised in a music and film inspired family, Godcarleon found it easy to be influenced by its different genres. As his love for content creation became stronger, he was eventually able to create his own brand (Plug God). Realizing that it was now a permanent staple in his life, he began to prepare for his future. With this at mind, he grew his talent more and more each day as an emerging Content Creator. Godcarleon began to build his brand. Soon his saying, #ImInTuneHowBoutU?, was created. The quote, now tattooed on his body, represents the way he lives his life, always ready for the next step in his career. Traveling to Denver, Miami, Kansas City, Seattle and finally Hollywood California creating a name for himself and has had the opportunity to work with influencers such as @Damnlongneck, @doogang3x, @chefboybonez, and @Frenchibaby. He is also the owner of the licensed and trademarked, Business Minds LLC. Godcarleon unique and versatile creative videos are incomparable, and have opened the doors for him to do much more than just content creation. His company connects individuals from all over the world and inspires them to create unity for the same cause. His videos and business ventures have made him a dominate force in the industry. As he succeeds, Godcarleon makes sure that he uses his power to inspire and reach out to his supporters and youth. Just like him, they too can secure and better their futures. He has videos featured on Worldstar sixteen times, once on Ridiculousness, and Grindface. According to Godcarleon, "Entertainment is in the heart, and your heart goes into all the entertainment. Just pursue it!"